Some ideas about resources and networks:

  • History Teachers Association of NSW (journal, conferences, PD - student membership is good value. Contribute to journal!)
  • History Teachers in NSW Facebook group (request to join)
  • Teachmeets
  • Twitter - history discussions at #historyteacher #histedchat also a #pstchat regularly

Historical sites/ research support:

Podcasts of interest to history teachers:
  • Revisionist History with Malcolm Gladwell (focus on social history)
  • Rear vision (Australian history)
  • BBC - The history hour, In our time and Witness are all excellent
  • Stuff you missed in History class
  • Conversations with Richard Fidler often features historians who have new published works (sometimes saved you reading a whole book if you don't have time)
  • Sawbones (History of Medicine) - eg 'Plague Medicine' for Medieval Europe, 'Hysteria' for looking at gender, 'Eugenics' etc.
  • 99% Invisible and Twenty Thousand Hertz - these are both podcasts about design, they are beautifully produced and there are some gems in there for history, geography and society and culture e.g. Twenty Thousand Hertz - 'The Sound of Extinction' and 'From Analog to Digital' for popular culture, 99% Invisible - 'Sand Hogs' (immigrants), 'The Yin and Yang of Basketball' (history of sport)
  • Someone Knows Something (Season 3) - Journalist investigating the kidnapping, torture and murder of two teenage African American men, Henry Dee & Charles Moore, in Mississippi during 1964 (prior to Mississippi Burning case). Associated website has maps, timelines and original sources including FBI report, autopsy findings, etc.

How to stay up to date with historical developments/ research?
  • Get on mailing lists for history departments in case they have events/ talks
  • State library of NSW history talks
  • Read history magazines
  • Podcasts (see above)
  • Documentaries - ABC/ SBS tend to do the best free to air documentaries but look on history channel/ streaming services too. There is likely to be a GOOD documentary about most things you want to know about - but it may take some digging
  • Make use of Sydney Uni library while you are a student - borrow what you want to read, use the Kanopy streaming service and make use of the curriculum library.
  • Follow historians/ history education specialists on Twitter/ facebook
  • Read widely and stay up to date on new published history works - bookshops like Gleebooks and Better Read Than Dead have great history sections and will highlight what is new in their catalogue
  • The Sydney Writers Festival in May each year always features a LOT of historians. If you are at a sympathetic school you might be able to apply for a day of PD to attend some talks.
  • See historical films/ read widely about how history is being received in pop culture.
  • Do you notice a theme? READ. Share good things you read, and ask your friends and colleagues to do likewise.